Charity Fundraising Events

10k Run for Birmingham Womens Hospital - Fetal Medicine Department.

In January 2016, my wife and I attended the Birmingham Womens Hospital for a routine 12 week scan. Unfortunately, we were unlucky to hear that our little bundle of joy had fluid on the back of her neck.

We were immediately transferred to the Fetal medicine in which we received additional scans along with the CVS test to determine any chromosome disorders. On that day, it was confirmed that there was in fact fluid on the back of her neck and was told what that meant to our unborn child. Our lives literally got turned upside down.

From that day we received the best care imaginable and it exceeded my expectations with regular checkups, scans (which highlighted further problems) and support. Without that support the experience would not have been bearable.

I am hoping that by doing the Birmingham 10k run and raising money, I can give something back to the team that helped deliver my healthy baby girl weighing 6lb 7oz.

Thank you for all that donate to the good cause

Total Raised: £3200

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